National and international successes

CROSSROADS: Britain's first daily serial, which began in November, 1964, and is still running. Noele Cordon, who plays Meg Richardson, talks with actress Cleo Sylvestre, who plays Melanie Harper, one of the Crossroads Motel staff.
THE ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK SHOW: Singer Englebert Humperdinck is now one of ATV's big dollar-earning stars after rising from comparative obscurity in the world of pop. He is seen here with Australian singer Tricia Noble in a show from the series due to be screened in April.
DEPARTMENT "S": The series which brings a variety of criminals to the screen each week. In this scene Brandon Brady plays a man from the Mafia. With him is Rosemary Nichols as Annabelle.
THE SAINT: The show which ATV’s Sir Lew Grade has sold all over the world. Here actress Penelope Horner tries a halo on Roger Moore in an episode called “The Man From St. Louis." Moore is soon to star in another ATV adventure series, “The Friendly Persuaders," which co-stars American film actor Tony Curtis.

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