Princess Alexandra

On her arrival at A T V Centre at 12.20 p.m. today, Princess Alexandra will be received by Lord Renwick (ATV chairman). Lady Renwick, Sir Lew Grade (ATV Managing Director; and Lady Grade.

TV centre is probably the most exciting in the world

ATV had been serving the Midlands since the start of Independent Television in this area in February 1956. Covering the licence periods from 1956 to 1968, ATV provided a service between Monday and Friday in the Midlands area and in London during the weekends.

Well over £2m spent on equipping for colour

A MASSIVE capital outlay has gone into equipping the studios at ATV Centre for full colour operation. For colour is costly. Each of the 12 colour cameras used In the studios cost £17,500. A videotape machine (and ATV has six of them in Birmingham) costs around £60,000. In all, ATV has spent well over £2m […]

Doors that open silently

Have you ever wondered why the stillness of the studio from which a TV announcer talks is not broken by rumbles as the gang in the studio next door moves scenery, or as a pop group shouts away?

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