TO attain maximum efficiency in servicing, some areas of the new ATV centre have been fitted with special floors by the Floating Floors Division of the Metal Castings Doehler Co, of Worcester.

The floating floor technique developed by MCD is a secondary flooring system using interlocked pressure diecast aluminium modules supported on adjustable pedestals.

Each module is removable by one person using a suction cup tool, thus giving immediate and easy access to all underfloor services such as electrical or piping systems and so on. The standard floating floor has a load carrying capacity in excess of 2,500lb.

The contract includes flooring for control, test areas and corridors and also specifies carpeting of some portions. Another feature of the flooring is that it has great adhesive strength and modules can be supplied carpeted ready for laying.

Floating floor modules are of great tensile strength, will not warp and being pressure die-cast from aluminium are light in weight thus being easy to handle and with no maintenance problems.

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