ATV programmes from the past

LUNCH BOX: The show which pioneered mid-day television. Noele Gordon, hostess on the show, with Mrs. Mary Lee who appeared in one of the editions of the popular long-running entertainment programme.
FRONT PAGE STORY: Derek Godfrey and Derek Newark in the series which brought the action-packed world of Fleet Street to the television screen.
BIRTHDAY HONOURS: The programme which took journalist Godfrey Winn into viewers’ homes. He is seen here interviewing composer Lionel Bart. Mr. Winn talked to celebrities whose birthdays fell in the week the programme was screened.
THE POWER GAME: One of the most popular series on any television network. Barbara Murray and Patrick Wymark starred in the weekly stories of behind-the-scenes battles in the world of big business.
BEAT THE CLOCK: The race against time watched every Sunday night by millions as part of the weekly show from the London Palladium. Compere Bruce Forsyth is seen with the contestants.
EMERGENCY WARD 10: A controversial scene from the serial which was one of ATV’s biggest successes. Joan Hooley as surgeon Louise Mahler and John White as Dr. Giles Farmer. A love scene between the two was cut because, in 1964, it was thought “a little too suggestive.”

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